Do STEM Students Pay for Non-STEM Degrees?

If you’ve been to university in the United Kingdom, you’ll know there are a lot of arrogant STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students. That’s not to say there are no arrogant non-STEM students, we’ve all heard a Dave in the kitchen talk like he’s the next Aristotle. However, there’s something I’ve heard a lot […]

What do Investing and Gardening Have in Common?

This summer, I have been investing my time into growing Kale in my garden. When I came to harvest it, much to my annoyance, I saw that some of the crop had started to die and other parts had been eaten by various critters! This got me thinking about a decision I had previously made: […]

Switching Energy or Insurance Suppliers Isn’t Always Cheaper

In September I spend a lot of time on price comparison websites looking to switch my suppliers to find the best deal for energy and so on. This year, I encountered a glitch in the matrix – my renewal was cheaper than any deals I could find online! How could this be? Every consumer advice service tells you how much money you could save by switching. What should also be advised, is a reminder to check your renewal, especially when it comes to energy.

Buying A Good Used Car – Essential Advice

Buying a car is one of the biggest steps towards independence. With it comes the ability to explore without having to meticulously study the train or bus schedule, and instead spend that time looking for a parking spot. But a lot of people don’t plan for the future when buying a car, they think too […]