9 Best Student Money Saving Tips

I’m going to discuss the money saving methods that I have personally used and tell you my experience with them and how well they work.These tips are also ones that I have found to actually make a decent impact on how much money you save. Saving money whilst being a student is really important. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a mindset that you have a safety net of university, and that you don’t need to focus on the boring things in life, like money, just yet.

3 Reasons University Is The Perfect Time to Start a Business

University is the perfect time to start a business. That might sound strange to some reading this, you might be thinking “I don’t have enough time to do that, I have all this studying to do!”. That may be the case for some. Assuming we are someone who is not at university for a minute, unless you are sitting on a vast amount of savings you are willing to burn through, a lot of new businesses are going to need good time management to juggle the new business and the old income stream. University is not a full-time job, it is flexible. Work-load goes through highs and lows and for about 20 weeks a year, during holidays, it can be zero.